Grandpa In Hospital, Kashmiri Lawyer Moves Delhi High Court For Black Fungus Medicine

by Yawar Hussain

SRINAGAR: A Delhi based Kashmiri lawyer Iqra Khalid Monday moved Delhi High Court to get Amphotericin-B medicine to treat her grandfather suffering from Mucormycosis (Black Fungus).

Black Fungus: The fungi that cause mucormycosis are found normally in soil and on rotting organic material but can infect humans when they get a chance. Pic: Science Photo Library

Advocate Iqra pleaded before the court that they didn’t receive even a single vial of the said medicine while her grandfather is “slipping” away to death.

The Live Law—a legal live website—quoted Iqra saying: “My grandfather is admitted in Ganga Ram Hospital since 18 (May). We haven’t received even a single vial. We are in a fight against time. He is a diabetic patient.”

Iqra told the court that: “He (grandfather) is slowly slipping away. It is very hard to watch. We have been procuring these vials at a very high price but till when? We are extremely lost. I don’t think my grandfather is going to survive till tomorrow.”

She informed the court that there are 70 more such patients in the hospital requiring the same medication.

“To live without a jaw or a nose is not something that a family would want. We haven’t received a single vial. We were supposed to receive 10 vials a day,” Iqra said.

Iqra’s brother-in-law, Raheel Khursheed also posted on Twitter about the issue stating: “My sister-in-law had to move the Delhi High Court to get medicine for her grandfather. He is admitted to Ganga Ram Hospital for Mucor (Mucormycosis) and hasn’t received a single vial of Amphotericin-B. The state of the capital!”

Jammu and Kashmir also witnessed its first Black Fungus case last week when a mid-aged Jammu man died lost his battle. The Jammu and Kashmir government has declared the epidemic in the union territory.

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